Not just play a game. Be part of it.


VR LIVE redefines the depth and sophisticated beauty of virtual experience!

After the refining in nearly two years, we expanded “Virtual Reality Entertainment” to every nook and corner of the world.
Uphold the spirit that entertainment is always based on mutual assistance as well as the combination between multiplayer and somatosensory,
everyone can enjoy the best VR gameplay with us. From now on, we will comprehensively evolve with the attitude of craftsmanship.
To create innovative entertainment content and build up the most luxurious and outstanding virtual entertainment experience!
As an upgraded brand of the virtual entertainment, VR LIVE broaden the horizon and march toward a brand-new milestone.

VR LIVE bring out the players’ greatest fun through superior somatosensory feedback and ultimate audio-visual feast with immersive interaction.
By integrating virtual and reality, we can make you truly become part of the game.
The one-way experience which sitting on a chair with glasses should not be the limitation of VR.
VR LIVE want you gather your friends, immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality.
Let’s create the depth and sophisticated beauty of virtual experience!